Why does Capgrave Consulting exist?

We exist to free organisations from the shackles of business as usual drudgery so that they can focus on the important stuff - serving their customers, innovation, and growth.

That’s a grand goal. How do you achieve it?

By helping these organisations to automate their most painful, time-consuming, repetitive daily processes.

But what does it actually involve?

Sometimes it involves writing code, sometimes it involves setting up off-the-shelf products, and sometimes it just involves listening carefully and then offering some frank, objective advice.

You could call it “CTO-as-a-service” if you really wanted to.

Why focus on the Futures market?

Because we find it fascinating. This means that we are lucky enough to simultaneously work in 2 domains that we are passionate about - coding and trading.

All of our business comes from referrals from existing customers, and so we are happy with just this simple landing page.

Why do you spell “organisations” with an “s”?

Because we are based in England 😁